Top Virtual Receptionist Features: Appointment Booking

Top Virtual Receptionist Features: Appointment Booking

How much time do you spend managing your schedule, checking your calendar, and booking appointments? Conversational offers some of the best virtual receptionist features, including appointment booking services, that are included with any monthly virtual receptionist plan at an additional fee. 

Top Virtual Receptionist Features: Appointment Booking

Meetings, calls, errands, client appointments, sales visits – if you’re in business, chances are you’re pretty busy. You might find that you spend a lot of time just managing your schedule and keeping up with your appointments. A variety of businesses regularly take appointments – law offices, beauty salons, barber shops, medical offices, service providers, and more.

Most of them say they could use a little help when it comes to appointment booking, which is time consuming but necessary in many types of businesses.

And if you’ve tried cutting corners when it comes to appointment booking, you probably realized quickly that it’s not an area you can skimp on. Missed meetings and appointments, last minute cancellations, and over or under booking can all throw your schedule off and have you playing catch-up the rest of the day. That’s inefficient and bad for business.

Appointment booking services

Our company began offering Appointment booking services with all of our monthly virtual receptionist plans several years ago (see the official press release here) to better serve our small business clients.

Our team of expert virtual receptionists have worked in a variety of settings and have plenty of experience booking appointments and managing client schedules. Whether you’re currently using an online booking software or simply keeping up with an appointment book you manually write in, our team is here to bring order to your schedule and take some weight off your shoulders.

When you sign up for our virtual reception service, there are no contracts or commitments. You work with us as long as you need a team of virtual receptionists to:

  • Answer your phone calls
  • Place outbound calls
  • Take messages for you
  • Perform warm or cold transfers
  • Manage and book appointments

We offer 3 tiered monthly plans that start at $209/month and each plan includes appointment booking services from our team, at a small additional cost.

Once you’re on-boarded as our client, we’ll work with you to make sure we’re using the booking software you’re comfortable with. If the software is accessible from a remote location, our team of receptionists will train on it and learn it so you won’t have to make an unnecessary software switch.

If you haven’t been using appointment booking software, we can make some excellent recommendations to help you get started. It’s the absolute easiest, most accurate, and most efficient way to take and manage appointments.

Get rid of no-shows with appointment reminders

We did an internal case study to look at the effectiveness of our appointment booking services since we began to offer the service.

We compared the appointment accuracy and the volume of “no-shows” for clients using our appointment booking service to the client’s previous level of appointment accuracy and no-show volume.

We found that both appointment accuracy and no-show volume improved with the inclusion of our appointment booking service – in fact, no-shows were reduced by up to 75% for our clients.

We can reduce the number of no-shows and cancellations you receive through our practice of confirming your appointments, sending appointment reminders, and asking callers who want to cancel if they’d like to reschedule instead.

Appointment booking software

Here are examples of online booking software our team is already familiar with that you may be working with. (If you don’t see your software listed below, don’t worry! There’s are dozens more that we have already integrated into with our clients.) If you’re currently in the market for a new booking software, consider speaking to one of our sales members to get the pros and cons of each before making a decision. We have worked with a large variety of software’s and know the features of those and what concerns our clients have had with each. Here are some to name a few:

  • SimplyBookMe
  • Genbook
  • Vagaro
  • Shortcuts
  • SalonIris (Salon Runner)
  • Cliniko
  • EClinical
  • Acuity
  • Mind and Body

Booking appointments is time consuming. Don’t waste another minute scribbling your appointments in a notebook or scrambling to fill an empty appointment slot after a last-minute cancellation. Let our team professionally handle your bookings, whether they’re customer appointments, client meetings, or personal schedule items. We can ensure your schedule is always on track and that you can spend your time on your highest priority tasks.

Click the button below to choose the plan you like best to start your 30 day MBG today – all 3 of our virtual receptionist plans include appointment booking services with our Premier Service Add on at $79/month!