Virtual Receptionist – Fast and Easy Outsourcing for Your Incoming Calls

Virtual Receptionist – Fast and Easy Outsourcing for Your Incoming Calls

Outsourcing has become a necessity for most small and medium-sized businesses. Whether you just need more time in your day or you’re sick of answering the phone, a virtual receptionist can help.

The phone can be very distracting and can make it hard to keep your focus. When it rings, you feel an obligation not only to answer it, but to answer it quickly. You know customer service is necessary and vital for your success, but you just have so much work to get done.

Outsource All Your Incoming Calls

When the phone won’t stop ringing, it’s time to hire a virtual receptionist to take the pressure off of you. The right virtual receptionist company will take over all your incoming calls and make sure you have more time to handle other tasks.

You won’t have to worry about the phone ringing unless you have given specific instructions to have specific calls sent to you. This means you gain a quiet work space to get the job done, while your customers still receive amazing customer service over the phone.

How Much Time Can a VR Really Save You?

You may be thinking that a virtual receptionist cannot really save you much time. However, a business that receives 15-20 customer calls a day can save more than an hour each day when a virtual receptionist takes over those calls. You won’t be the one stuck on the phone dealing with a long-winded customer any longer.

Since your VR will be able to answer general questions, take orders, up-sell products, schedule appointments and take messages, you won’t have to worry about very many calls throughout your day. The only calls that will be transferred to you will be those you specifically ask to have sent your way.

What can you do with an extra hour or more each day?

Isn’t a Virtual Receptionist Expensive?

Compared to the time it will save you and the cost of an in-house receptionist, a virtual receptionist is very inexpensive. For less than $500 per month, you can get full coverage for medium call volume. Businesses that don’t need much coverage can get a package for $209 per month!

Whether you don’t have a receptionist yet or you’re looking for a way to cut costs for your business, a virtual receptionist may be the answer.

They Even Make Calls For You

Do you confirm all your appointments? Do you like to keep customers informed about when their orders will arrive? These calls can be very time consuming.

A VR can handle all of these calls for you and make your life easy. You won’t have to confirm any more appointments or call customers to let them know when an order will arrive. You can instruct your VR to handle this for you each week.

Outsourcing your incoming calls provides many benefits and frees you up for so much more. If you want to get the most out of your business, it might be time to consider hiring a virtual receptionist service.