What’s the Best Answering Service for Insurance Agencies?

What’s the Best Answering Service for Insurance Agencies?

Insurance agencies are among some of the most common users of answering services. A large number of answering services say they serve insurance agencies, but many don’t offer the full list of features you’d expect from an answering service, like appointment booking, live call answering, a free trial, and message delivery to text or email.

These are features an insurance agency truly needs, so answering services that don’t offer at least this basic set of features will surely end up a disappointment.

We believe we offer the best answering service for insurance agencies because along with all of the features listed above, we offer some of the lowest pricing in the industry, one of the longest free trial periods in the industry, and some of the highest client satisfaction ratings in the industry!

We are proud of the reputation we’ve built among our clients, and our experience makes us one of the best answering service for insurance agencies and individual agents. Here are more facts and details on our answering service for insurance agencies.

Best answering service for insurance agencies

Covers your business hours and then some

The best answering service for insurance agencies has to have the ability to cover any call that comes in during business hours – and hopefully, the ability to cover those calls that come in just before your office opens and just after it closes. Phone calls = leads, and leads are a terrible, expensive thing to waste.

Our business hours are 7:00AM – 8:00PM EST, so we’re able to make sure you don’t miss the early or late calls that inevitably come through. Consider your calls handled when you sign up with Conversational!

Promotes your current specials to your callers

Discounts, promotions, deals, and specials are great ways to market your insurance business and bring in some new clients. Our answering service is one of the only around that will actually jump in and help you promote your specials and discounts! Just let us know when you’ve got a special you’d like your callers to know about, and we’ll add a note to our database.

When someone calls your business, we’ll be sure to let them know about the promotion. That increases the number of people who hear about your promotion and makes marketing your business that much easier! We don’t charge any additional fees to do this. We genuinely enjoy helping our clients grow.

Efficiently captures leads for you

Ever get calls from people who are interested in purchasing or learning more about the insurance plans you offer? You probably get quite a few, and you know that it takes time to talk to each person and qualify the lead. That’s where our answering service comes in.

Give us your list of criteria used to qualify leads, we’ll get the information from each caller, and then pass it along to you so you can determine whether the lead is worth pursuing. That saves you a considerable amount of time and money. We’re happy to help.

Offers some of the lowest pricing in the industry

Our clients always get their first 30 days free. When we say free, we mean it – your total for the first month will be a flat $0.00. That’s a testament to how confident we are that you’ll love and appreciate our answering service. Once you complete your free trial, we’re not going to lock you into a contract or ask you to commit to anything. We’re a month-to-month answering service, meaning you can use us when you need us and cancel when you don’t.

You will pay around $5/day to have all your agencies’ calls answered after the free trial period – about $159/month. Compare that cost to any other live answering service provider and you’ll see why so many insurance agencies choose Conversational!

Schedules appointments with prospects + issues reminders

In the insurance business, you’re likely making lots of appointments and scheduling quite a few meetings. Scheduling takes up more time than you realize, and it’s a dreaded task for most people. Not us! We can handle all your appointment booking by adding new meetings and appointments directly to your online calendar. And we don’t stop there! No shows are one of the most frustrating parts of taking appointments.

That’s why we started offering a service that our clients absolutely rave about: Outbound appointment reminders. We’ll give your upcoming appointments a call the day before they’re due to confirm the appointment or meeting. Our data shows that this alone can reduce the number of no shows by up to 75%! It’s just another feature we offer with every answering service plan.

Gives you a free month of service to see if it’s a good fit

Nothing is better than a free month of service! We know that insurance agencies don’t want to sign up for an answering service they’ve never used. It’s risky and there’s a chance the service just won’t be a good fit. That’s why we give all new clients 30 days of our full answering service – all standard features included – absolutely free.

There’s no catch, and we don’t want you to sign any kind of contract or agreement. We just want to give you a month of our service free so you can see just how helpful it is. Most of the people that use our free trial discover they don’t want to go back to the pre-Conversational days and end up deciding to stick around. Click the link below to sign up for our free 30 day trial and find out if we’re truly the best answering service for insurance agencies – we think you’ll agree that we are!

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