The Best Way to Make Your Business Look Bigger

The Best Way to Make Your Business Look Bigger

Who answers your business phone every day? Most entrepreneurs report that they are the ones to answer the phone when it rings. Some don’t have a business phone number – instead, they just use their cell phone to field business calls. There are three problems with this method.

First, your callers can tell the difference between a business phone number and a cell phone number. Many people expect businesses to have a toll free or local landline number, and if they don’t, they’ll see the business as unprofessional or ineffective.

Second, if calls are coming directly to your cell phone, they’re creating interruptions and distractions every time the phone rings. How can you concentrate on priorities if you’re stopping to answer the phone?

Finally, if callers realize they’re speaking to the business owner, it gives an air of informality and makes the business look smaller than it needs to. Callers might wonder, “If this is a legitimate company, why is the owner answering the phone? Shouldn’t they be busy running the company?”

You don’t have to lie to your customers to make your business appear larger. The best way to make your business look bigger is by hiring a virtual receptionist to answer your calls for you.

The best way to make your business look bigger

Get a business number online

The best way to make your business look bigger is having a professional receptionist field your business phone calls. A virtual receptionist can still work with you if you’re using your cell phone as your business number, but we highly recommend you take advantage of a local or toll-free phone number for your business.

Conversational offers both local and toll-free phone numbers for clients that don’t currently have a business phone. You’ll get to select from apool of numbers available for your business (mostly 866 or 877) for a low monthly fee of $25.00.

Hire virtual receptionists to answer calls

Now that you’ve got your business number sorted out, you can hire a virtual receptionist to answer calls for your business. When you select a Conversational virtual receptionist monthly plan, you don’t just get one of our experienced virtual receptionists – you get the entire team.

Through our unique and detailed on-boarding process, you’ll provide us with all the needed details about your business and how you want our receptionists to answer your phone. Our receptionists can promote any service, product, or special deal you have going on. You can give new instructions to your virtual receptionists each day if needed.

Here’s what you can expect from Conversational virtual receptionists:

  • Live Call Answering
  • General Inquiries & Basic Customer Service
  • Call Routing
  • Customized Call Handling
  • Detailed Message Taking
  • Set Temporary Call Instructions
  • Professional Image
  • Voicemail Messages Delivered by Email
  • Take Your Business on the Go
  • Customized Greetings and Hold Music
  • 100% North American Speaking Receptionists
  • Custom VOIP Solutions
  • Free Local Phone Number
  • Call Screening
  • Complete Client Call Reporting
Get back to what really matters

With a team of experienced, professional virtual receptionists working for your small business, it’s easy to make your business look bigger.

When callers are greeted by a friendly receptionist that uses the salutation you specify – “Hello, thank you for calling Law & Order Law Office, this is Christine. How may I help you?” – your company looks more professional and trustworthy.

Most importantly, by having a hard-working team of virtual receptionists fielding your business calls and managing your appointments and schedule, you earn back the time you normally would have spent on those tasks and can get back to what really matters – your business and your family.

Conversational can help you make your business look bigger today. Our clients are typically up and running with our virtual receptionist services within just a few hours. Click here to view our pricing plans and get started with a 30 day free trial!