Dr. Dori Gatter, a Conversational client, is using a virtual receptionist to turn prospects into clients. She was recently featured on the Selling the Couch podcast for practitioners to discuss ways to turn callers and prospects into clients. Dr. Gatter is a Licensed Professional Counselor with her own private practice and group practice in West Hartford, Connecticut. Find more information about Dr. Gatter and her practice by visiting her website here.

In the podcast, she shares details on how she’s using a virtual receptionist to turn prospects into clients.

This episode, How to Turn Prospects into Clients, features Dr. Gatter’s take on:

  • The insurance vs. self-pay dilemma
  • How to convince a potential client that you are a good fit for them:
    • Commit to fast response callbacks
    • Use a virtual receptionist
    • Alleviate anxiety about the first office visit by “walking” them through it
    • Offer phone call, email, and text options
  • How to build confidence and connection with clients
  • Common mistakes that therapists make, including not responding quickly enough and not connecting quickly enough
  • Hear two mock calls with Dr. Dori around two different scenarios!

Hear the podcast for yourself to gain valuable details on how Conversational helped Dori’s business and why you should Get Started TODAY!