How Can an Attorney Use a Virtual Receptionist?

How Can an Attorney Use a Virtual Receptionist?

Attorneys are intensely busy throughout the workweek. They need to be in court often and have to remain flexible for their clients. The law office can offer some needed administrative support, but often, talented paralegals get stuck answering the phones instead of doing legal research.

If you want to really succeed as an attorney and make use of your paralegal’s talents, it’s time to look for a virtual receptionist. But how can an attorney use a virtual receptionist? There are several ways a virtual receptionist can prove useful to an attorney.

How Can an Attorney Use a Virtual Receptionist?

First, let’s cover why it’s a waste of money to have paralegals cover the phones at your firm.

Paralegals on the phones?

How much time are your experienced paralegal staff wasting by answering routine calls? You can have a virtual receptionist cut their call volume in half or less with a virtual receptionist.

When a virtual receptionist takes over your law firm’s calls, your in-house team only needs to answer the phone when it’s a screened call forwarded by the virtual receptionist. In many cases, the receptionists will bypass your in-house receptionist and forward the call directly to you or the correct department.

Placing a receptionist in charge of your incoming calls frees up your current receptionist to handle other tasks, like greeting clients, filtering emails, filing and other office duties.

If you have a paralegal answering the phone, they will have more time to perform research for you and help build your cases.

Gain flexibility, grow your firm

How can an attorney use a virtual receptionist to fuel growth? Growth requires money, but a virtual receptionist is one of the most cost effective ways to support new growth.

Your virtual receptionist won’t require any new space in your office. You will have the space you would have used for a receptionist free for another employee or open space.

It’s possible for an attorney to work from home or from a smaller office with a virtual receptionist. You just need a place to meet clients in person as you can allow your team to work from home as well.

When you need to hold meetings, you can use a virtual office space for the day, which frees you up to work from wherever you want without the high cost of an office space.

Convenience to serve a larger area

Without the need or a physical office space, you will have the convenience to serve a larger area. You may receive clients from multiple locations all over the state or near the larger city you work in. They may be too far to drive to your central office, but if you could meet them in their area, you may be able to provide your legal services within a larger area.

By eliminating the need for a central office, you can actually allow your partner attorneys to work within their location. A virtual receptionist will act as your central office by taking all calls and forwarding them to the right person based on the location of the client. This may help save money for both the law firm and the client.

Gain financial stability

How can an attorney use a virtual receptionist to gain financial stability? Many attorneys take on plenty of financial risk with specific cases and the enormous overhead that comes with an office space. A virtual receptionist provides an easy way to reduce costs, while maintaining your image and operations. With multiple virtual receptionists, you will be able to have all incoming calls handled at the same time.

Along with gaining financial stability by lowering your overhead, you will actually be trusting experts in customer service with all your incoming calls. Top virtual receptionist services provide only highly qualified individuals to answer your phone calls.

No more voicemail or missed calls

Just one missed call could cost you thousands of dollars. Every case is important and you never know when somebody will call needing an attorney.

A virtual receptionist has you covered! You won’t have to worry about any calls going to voicemail. All calls will be answered and all callers will get to speak with a live receptionist. Whether you are in court, a meeting or simply out for the day, your virtual receptionist will handle every single phone call you receive.

Imagine how much more you could make if are losing just one case per month due to voicemail or missing the call. You may have no idea how many clients you are missing simply because most people hang up on voicemail.

Along with not missing another client call, you won’t have to check your voicemail and remember to return it. Virtual receptionists provide detailed messages via email and text message, along with reminders, if necessary. You can even have them return the message, in some cases.

So, how can an attorney use a virtual receptionist? However he or she would like. Whether you are just starting out or you are ready to grow, a team of virtual receptionist will provide the opportunity to keep costs down, gain flexibility and never miss another important call.

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