What Do Callers Want in a Receptionist?

What Do Callers Want in a Receptionist?

When someone calls your business, do you know what they really expect or want in a receptionist? Do they expect intense friendliness or a cool, professional tone?

It can be difficult to say due to caller preferences, but there are a few points that most callers agree on.

What do callers want in a receptionist and does yours make the cut? Keep reading to find out.

What Do Callers Want in a Receptionist?

A prompt answer

To start, callers want a receptionist to answer promptly. No one likes listening to the phone ringing on and on without an answer. A receptionist should answer the phone before the third ring if possible to ensure the caller doesn’t become frustrated or feel as though no one’s going to pick up.

At Conversational, we train our receptionists to answer the call on the first or second ring to ensure callers never have to wait around.

Polite but friendly

Second, callers want a receptionist to be friendly, but not intensely so. Unless a caller has built a rapport with a certain receptionist, most say they prefer to keep the tone light, friendly, and polite when on the phone with a receptionist. Someone who is overly friendly can come across too intensely to callers, and it can veer into the flirtation zone if not kept in check.

This is one reason many companies rely on third party virtual receptionist providers like Conversational – they know the receptionists will have the right balance of polite and friendly.

Willing to go the extra mile

Callers just love when they’re on the line with a receptionist who is willing to go the extra mile to help. A receptionist that offers to take a closer look at something, do some digging around in a customer’s account to resolve an issue, take the issue to management, etc. shows the caller that they’re a valued customer and wins their loyalty. If you don’t have a receptionist that’s willing to go the extra mile, consider hiring Conversational.

Succinct and clear

Small talk and chatting are just part of the receptionist job sometimes, but callers don’t want “Chatty Cathy” to answer the phone when they call your business with a purpose. They want someone who speaks clearly and succinctly, not someone who drones on and on and lengthens what could be quick conversations.

Note: There is a big difference between being succinct and short. Callers don’t like being cut off or feeling like they’ve been cut short by a blunt or abrupt receptionist, so make sure yours can strike the balance!

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